Better Fan is a prediction game based on real sports events

We are re-introducing sports betting to the world as a Web3 Predict to Earn game

Our aim is to create an economic sustainability model and to connect bettors and the sports world.

About the project

What we refer to as "predict and earn" offers the same experience as traditional platforms for prediction and forecasting.
However, it differs significantly in terms of its economic structure. In Web2 platforms, users are required to place a certain amount of money on selected outcomes. If the prediction is unsuccessful, they lose 100% of the deposited amount. This is how traditional Web2 prediction platforms operate.
On the other hand, with Better, the staked amounts and daily prediction limits are determined based on the quality and quantity of the NFT each user possesses. These NFTs are known as Fan Cards. Fan Cards grant users a daily prediction amount without the need to deposit any funds.
This mechanism completely eliminates the risk of losing real money. In the event of successful predictions, users will receive an equivalent amount of $BTB or $BFF. The daily prediction limit is replenished every 24 hours.

Fan Cards

Fan cards stand as the main component of the Better Ecosystem. These NFTs determine users’ daily betting limits, and the access to the different game modes. Fan cards are mintable and can be purchased from the in-game marketplace. Fan cards are available for trading with the native token of the selected chain. (e.g. BNB)



-Project Conceptualization
-Market Research
-Team Formation
-Whitepaper Development
-Platform Architecture Design
-Tokenomics Design
2023 - Q1
-Fan Card Creation
-Community Building Events
-Strategic Partnerships
2023 - Q3
-Coming Soon
2023 - Q2
-Launch of New Airdrop Program
-Introduction of Badges
-Comprehensive Tutorial
-New Strategic Partnerships
-Inclusion of E-Sports Predictions