Better Fan is a prediction game based on real sports events

We are re-introducing sports betting to the world as a Web3 Predict to Earn game

Our aim is to create an economic sustainability model and to connect bettors and the sports world.

About the project

What we call gamified betting, offers the same experience as traditional betting platforms.
However, it’s totally different by economic means. In Web2 platforms, users must bid a desired amount of money in favor of selected odds. If the bet is unsuccessful, 100% of the deposited amount is lost. That’s how traditional Web2 sports betting works.
With Better, however, staked amounts and daily betting limits are determined by the quality and quantity of the NFT each user holds. These NFTs are called Fan Cards.
Fan Cards provide users with a daily amount available for betting without depositing any funds. This mechanism 100% prevents a loss realization in terms of hard money. Meanwhile if the bets become successful, users will be distributed an equivalent amount of $BTB or $BFF. Daily betting limit is restored every 24 hours.

Fan Cards

Fan cards stand as the main component of the Better Ecosystem. These NFTs determine users’ daily betting limits, and the access to the different game modes. Fan cards are mintable and can be purchased from the in-game marketplace. Fan cards are available for trading with the native token of the selected chain. (e.g. BNB)




2022 - Q2
-Project conceptualization
-Market research and analysis
-Team formation and advisory board setup
2022 - Q3
-Whitepaper development
-Platform architecture design
-Legal and regulatory compliance analysis
-Tokenomics design for $BTB and $BFF tokens
-Website and branding development
-Betting platform prototype development
2023 - Q1
-Fan Card creation
-Community building and engagement events
-Marketing and promotion campaigns
-Collaboration with sports data analytics firms
-Strategic partnerships and collaborations
2022 - Q4
-Development of gamification features
-Implementation of user referral and reward programs
-Localization and support for multiple languages
-Smart contract development
-Launch of a native wallet for Better Fan tokens and NFTs
-Beta testing and feedback gathering
2023 - Q2
-Private sale and public pre-sale of $BFF tokens
-Public sale and distribution of $BFF tokens
-Listing of $BFF tokens on major exchanges
-Alpha testing of the platform
-Launch of the NFT marketplace for Fan Cards
-Marketing and promotion campaigns
-Platform audits and third-party security assessments
2023 - Q3
-Official launch of the Better Fan betting platform
-Mobile app development for iOS and Android devices
-Expansion to additional sports and events
-Integration with popular sports data providers
-Further development of gamification features
2023 - Q4
-Launch of mobile apps on iOS and Android
-Expansion to new markets and regions
-Collaboration with more sports organizations and celebrities
-Launch of betting tournaments and contests
-Further development of gamification features
2024 - Q1
-Integration of user-generated content and social betting features
-Development of a sports betting academy for users to improve their skills
-Creation of a governance system for $BFF token holders
-Listing of $BFF tokens on more major exchanges
-Introduction of advanced betting analysis tools for serious bettors
2023 - Q1
-Fan Card creation
-Community building and engagement events
-Marketing and promotion campaigns
-Collaboration with sports data analytics firms
-Strategic partnerships and collaborations